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Mealtimes are a social time when staff sit and talk to the children about their day whilst encouraging good table manners. The children will be offered enjoyable nutritious food, which caters for their individual dietary needs.

We regularly ask for feedback on the meals offered to ensure you are happy with the high-quality meals. We are able to cater for special dietary needs such as religious requirements, vegetarianism or children’s strong dislikes. Pre-school children have free access to fresh drinking water from a water machine, younger children are offered drinks throughout the day. We work closely with parents when weaning their baby and are very happy to provide your chosen foods or if you prefer, you may supply your own homemade foods. We do have a supply of organic commercial baby food which can be used if necessary, although we do prefer to use freshly prepared food.


We received Outstanding in our most recent Ofsted for helping the children to be healthy.

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